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Dr. Kruger to Speak in Rapid City

By · June 25, 2012 · Comments Off

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Moving Day 2012

By · May 31, 2012 · Comments Off

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From the Pharmacist: Pharmacogenetics–A Step Into the Future of Medication Management

By · May 30, 2012 · Comments Off

Josh Holstein, PharmD Candidate 2012 Jane R. Mort, Pharm.D People who have Parkinson’s disease may respond very differently to medications. 1 Part of the proposed explanation for this variability is differences in genetic code which govern the way bodies function. … Continue reading

Ask the Doctor: What are some strategies for dealing with freezing?

By · May 30, 2012 · Comments Off

Bassel Salem, MD Associate Director of the Parkinson’s Center, Sanford Clinic Neurology When the feet of a person with Parkinson’s (PWP) become suddenly “glued to the ground” and they are unable to move them despite the fact that the top … Continue reading

Recognizing Ability

By · May 30, 2012 · Comments Off

Jason Freeman, MFA* In conversation with another person, we can choose to focus on the other’s disabilities or on their abilities. For example, I have a speech impediment as a result of birth trauma. A person could start a conversation … Continue reading

Parish Nurse Ministry

By · May 29, 2012 · Comments Off

Karla Lubben, RN, MS Coordinator, Sanford Parish Nurse Institute I was asked, “How can Parish Nurse Ministry relate to those dealing with the complications of Parkinson’s disease?” I think the best answer to this question spy software detection. how can … Continue reading